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Mussels with white wine

Ingredients :

A half liter of mussels



A half glass of White wine

Preparation :

Clean the mussels by lightly scraping, rinse them under cold water.

Put the mussels into a pan with the cut garlic and butter.


Put the pan on high heat; keep stirring until the mussels open. When they are almost all opened, add the white wine, and serve hot.

Advice of the wine maker:

Muscadet Sèvre et Maine Sur Lie, Domaine du Vieux Chai

If you decide to pick the mussels up the rocks, it’s better to make them disgorge during at least one hour in sea water in order to eliminate impurities eaten by the mussels.

Harvest 2012

Did you know that date of harvesting is determined by the prefecture? It’s the case in every vineyards in France.

At Bid’gi, we started on the 17th of September. We harvested a little quantity but a great quality of grapes. We harvested the last grapes on the 4th of October. Juices are sharp, very fruity, with a good combination of sugar/acidity.

It’s a good sign for a great vintage 2012.

Believe me, it’s a nectar that you will discover at spring 2013.