Grape variety:  French Grape variety of red grapes, its name comes from the Occitan word “aboriu” which means “at an early stage”. It comes from Villeréal in Lot-et-Garonne where it was discovered at the end of 19th century. It’s a descendant of the Magdeleine of Charente. It’s also called Loubéja, Négret de Canourgue, Pinotou or Préssac de Bourgogne.

Terroir: East facing, Micaschist ground. Flaky rock, entirely crystalline, mica and quartz rich. It’s easily recognizable because of its flaky and shinny appearance because of the mica abundance.

Production method: with Terra Vitis I get involved in an alternative course of action, that respect my vine, my soil and the ecosystem to be able to leave a insignificant imprint on the environment. This process guarantees a traceability controlled by an independent certifying agency. This is the most efficient way to produce a wine of great quality.

Winemaking: The Abouriou reaches maturity in September; it’s a red grape with a white juice. This grape variety give a colorful, structured, a bit tannic wine. I choose to produce it in Rosé in vats during a short period of time (1 night), because its fruits give a sweet and juicy pulp. This method gives a wine with fresh vanilla notes with a hint of blackberries and wild strawberries.

Tasting: Fine rosé with a pastel color. The nose develops red fruit aromas. It’s a fruity, fresh wine that combines finesse and strength.

Advice: Best served at 12°C. It has to be drunk young. It’s a great companion of grilled meat, couscous and fine cold meat.

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