Mature 2005



Wine only made during exceptional years.

Grape variety: Melon de Bourgogne

Terroir: East facing vineyard located on a very old plateau of the Armorican massif. Micaschist ground. Flaky rock, entirely crystalline, mica and quartz rich. It’s easily recognizable because of its flaky and shinny appearance because of the mica abundance.

Production method: with Terra Vitis I get involved in an alternative course of action, that respect my vine, my soil and the ecosystem to be able to leave a insignificant imprint on the environment. This process guarantees a traceability controlled by an independent certifying agency. This is the most efficient way to produce a wine of great quality.

Winemaking: Vine with a low performance of 32HL/HA, this cuvee is exceptional and hand-harvested. We don’t intervene in the natural fermentation in barrels. It fully ages on lees during 18 months, without any adding of brimstone. We bottle it without filtering in order to preserve the wealth of its aromas. That’s why you can find natural sediment of lees that protects from ageing and preserves its organoleptic qualities.

Tasting: This wine has a surprising aromatic wealth that reminds of orchard. It has a perfect balance between fruit and freshness. You can taste hints of honey spice cake on a mineral finish. It’s an exceptional Muscadet 2005 that is unique.

Advice: Perfect to taste with grilled Foie Gras or cocktail of crab, or again a poulard. Best served at 12°C after being quickly decanted into a carafe. We wish you to have as much pleasure while tasting our wines as the one we had making them for you.

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