Gros plant



Grape variety: Folle blanche. It comes from Charentre, it was brought during 17th century by Dutch people.

Terroir: Micaschist ground. Flaky rock, entirely crystalline, mica and quartz rich. It’s easily recognizable because of its flaky and shinny appearance because of the mica abundance.

Production method: with Terra Vitis I get involved in an alternative course of action, that respect my vine, my soil and the ecosystem to be able to leave a insignificant imprint on the environment. This process guarantees a traceability controlled by an independent certifying agency. This is the most efficient way to produce a wine of great quality.

Winemaking: we harvest round grapes and we crush them softly. We do static clarification and fermentation during 2 weeks. The wine ages on lees all winter and we begin bottling process in spring.

Tasting: Light robe with greenish highlights. It’s a light dry wine with a hint of lemon. The Gros plan is better served young during the first year that follows the harvest.

Advice: Served at 10°C with sardine. The wise consumer would serve it with a tasting of oysters from Vendée or Brittany (Fine de Claire, creuse de cancale or belon)

As a Kir cocktail you can serve it with 1/5 of crème de cassis.

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