Grape variety : Our Champerlé comes from a blend of 3 varieties : Melon de Bourgogne, Pinot gris and Folle blanche.

Terroir : Micaschist ground. Flaky rock, entirely crystalline, mica and quartz rich. It’s easily recognizable because of its flaky and shinny appearance because of the mica abundance. 

Production method: with Terra Vitis I get involved in an alternative course of action, that respect my vine, my soil and the ecosystem to be able to leave a insignificant imprint on the environment. This process guarantees a traceability controlled by an independent certifying agency. This is the most efficient way to produce a wine of great quality.

Winemaking: Rising star of our range, this traditional method is used in our cellar during at least 9 months. We are present during all the process: winemaking, bottling, taking foam and stirring. Disgorgement takes place when the command arrives in order to preserve freshness of the wine, this process is supervised by our technician Philppe Bellouin. 

Tasting: Nose with hints of apple, citrus and white flowers with an almond note. You can taste a sparkling wine of high quality, elegant and of a great finesse. The whole is balanced between fruit and freshness. Sparkling sharp and delicate. The Champerlé will be a great companion to your parties with family and friends.

Advice : To taste alone or with a liquor. Best served t 8°C with caviar, salmon carpaccio and toasts of Foie Gras during cocktails. Also perfect with dessert with fruits like a strawberry Charlotte. 

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