Le Celtique



Its a homemade creation only delivered by Bid’gi, a Triskell is the symbol of “Le Celtique”, this wine results of the harmonious mix between soil, sun and water.

Grape variety: PINOT GRIS from South of Brittany, near NANTES.

Terroir : Micaschist ground. Flaky rock, entirely crystalline, mica and quartz rich. It’s easily recognizable because of its flaky and shinny appearance because of the mica abundance especially in Brittany.

Production method: with Terra Vitis I get involved in an alternative course of action, that respect my vine, my soil and the ecosystem to be able to leave a insignificant imprint on the environment. This process guarantees a traceability controlled by an independent certifying agency. This is the most efficient way to produce a wine of great quality.

Winemaking: This local wine of a remarkable quality comes from a moderate production of 50HL/HA. We wish to obtain a very fruity, fresh and tasteful wine, without adding residual sugar. All through winemaking process, we use maceration at cold temperature (5°C) of the juice in order to develop the grape aroma.

Tasting : Light yellow robe. Nose highly aromatic with notes of exotic fruits. Good and tender length on the mouth. This Pinot Gris will seduce you thanks to its generosity and elegance.  

Advice: Served at 12°C. “Le Celtique” is very fruity, it can be served with appetizer or cooked meals. Its exotic aromas taste wonderful with fine cold meats, raclette or tartiflette. During summer, with mixed salad or asparagus. Also great with fish.

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